Step by Step: How I built a cash buyers list of 1,086 local people in less than 90 days! And the list continues to grow. 

What would you pay per person if I told you I could get you a list of qualified cash buyers for your investment property in your local area? what would that be worth knowing you have a person with cash on hand that will either pay you a wholesale fee for your property or give you the cash to invest in the property? $100 a person? $50 a person? how about $2 a person? If you built a list of cash buyers just 1,000 people it would cost you just $0.50 a person! with my eBook. 

  • Step by Step easy to follow
  • Exact same method I use in my business every day! 
  • Guaranteed results
  • Detailed information, no fluff! 
  • The larger your cash buyers list the faster and easier you can wholesale properties. Big list , equals sales in minuets! 

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"This was a no brainer for me, I know Dylan personally and he is a phenomenal real estate expert. As soon as he launched this eBook I grabbed a copy. The information is spot on, to the point and works!"


Reginald J.

Detroit , MI 

"I have worked with Dylan over 6 years and I continue to be impressed by his expertise in the field. His new eBook was filled with simple to follow action steps that helped me add another 538 local cash buyers to my list in less than 30 days. Great job Dylan! "

Leigh S. 

Livonia, MI

"Great eBook, money well spent, I have followed Dylan’s information step by step as he says and the results have been extraordinary!"


Mark M. 

Houston, TX

"Let me first start by saying the cost of this book is a steal! Dylan is absolutely correct his steps are effective and simple to follow the book is worth it! Very thankful I came across this eBook I have followed only half the steps so far and have seen tremendous results, can’t wait to finish my fist 90 day campaign. "


Olympia, WA

"Paid for itself in the first week. If you do not have a copy yet, get one! "


Jin G.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I was hesitant at first because of the cost, however Dylan made some good points and convinced me to get a copy and boy am I glad I did. The information Dylan shares in this eBook comes from his decade plus of experience and the information actually works. Thank you Dylan for pushing me to get a copy!"

Kate S.

Albany, NY

"As a beginner investor I was having trouble building an effective cash buyers list, I understood the importance of one but could never seem to nail it. Until I got a copy of Dylan’s eBook I swear my results improved 400%. Thank you Dylan, really good information. "

Jennifer H.

Baltimore, MD

"Dylan gets an A+ for this information. Very valuable and concise. "


Stuart L. 

Ann Arbor, MI

"Buy a copy now, just do it!  This book is a WIN! "



Memphis, TN

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